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The City of Wollongong is located on that part of the New South Wales South Coast popularly known as the Illawarra. We welcome you to visit our Bathroom warehouse website and delivery is available to Wollongong. From Bathroom fittings, accessories, showers and other toilet wares. Please contact us or visit our shop.

Wollongong is 78 kilometres south of Sydney by car and 10 metres above the sea-level. Its average air temperatures for the month of January ranges from 18 to 24°C and for June from 9 to 16°C; average annual rainfall level is around 1221 millimetres.

The city’s development is more concentrated in a strip of agricultural land between the coast and the Range Illawarra . Up to the north of Wollongong, the range reaches the coast, with the escarpment falling almost sheer into the sea in the places. The low lands begin narrowly from that region, broadening as they approach southward to a breadth of some fifteen kilometres near Lake Illawarra.

Visually, the district is varied scenic and spectacular. The panoramic view from the Illawarra Range, particularly in Mt Keira and from Sublime Point above the Austin mer are really amazing. Furthermore, the Dharawal Aborigines was once known to have inhabited the area before settlement of the Europeans.

The Bass and Flinders explorers navigated the coast in the Tom Thumb in 1797, reaching Lake Illawarra that they named as Tom Thumb Lagoon; but the district was still not traversed by caucasian men until 1798. That time the survivors of a popular wreck Sydney Cove were then asked to make the treck, and while they were doing it, they also found out the first coal deposit in area, at what is now Coalcliff.

Afterwards, the red cedar was found in adjacent forests next to it, and cedar-cutting became an important industry. Cedar-cutters were active the region by the start of the 19th century. However for several years, owing to the ruggedness of the mountains the only approaches to the region were by ocean and this stopped early development.

During the year 1815, James Meehanin and Charles Throsby drove into the Range Illawarra from Moss Vale on a report by the Aboriginal community that there was great pasturage there. Throsby latter constructed a stockman’s hut in the region. In 1835 the region for the town was surveyed by General Thomas Mitchell. Then, its name Wollongong had already been announced as early as 1826. It came from Aboriginal word and is said to mean “sound of the sea”.

Initially, coal was moved by oxen and horse teams along dirt tracks to the edge of the harbour. Some wheelbarrows then shifted the coal into the waiting ships. In year 1862, the Illawarra Coal Company constructed a horse operated tramway from the mines. The horses were then replaced by steam locomotives in year 1884. years after, a separate tramway connected Mt Keira Mines to the Port between 1859 and 1937. Both the lines to Wollongong Harbour were closed because of the expansion of coal loading facilities at Port Kembla.

By 1868 almost 70 ships per month docked the harbour off-loading passengers and supplies of the human settlement, and taking coals and other agricultural products, specifically butter, to Sydney. By 1871, the basin had become New South Wale’s third most important and known harbour.

Furthermore, the rail from Sydney to Wollongong was established in l886, a line now runs to Port Wollongong was still developing as a dairying and agricultural centre, and butter continued to compete with coal as the major product for export of the district across the rest of the 1800’s. The Bulli Pass land route was explored in 1844 and opened to wheeled traffic in 1868.

years later, the Pioneer Kerosene Works company opened at Mt. Kembla in 1866, and from Illawarra kerosene shale, came the first ever kerosene product ever manufactured in Australia.


Port Kembla

Australia’s devastating mining disaster in history occurred at Port Kembla in 1902, when a massive explosion killed 96 men; another earlier explosion at the Bulli Colliery in 1887 had killed more than 80 people.

Formerly known as Red Point, the Port Kembla was awarded its present name in 1892, as its jetty served the Mt Kembla mine. Land was first given in 1817, but the 1st permanent European settlement was impossible until the construction of a protective garrison in the region in 1826. Heavy industries were originally attracted to the Wollongong area by the availability of coal reserve, and are now majjority centered at Port Kembla.

Big growth sequenced the opening of the Mt Kembla colliery in year 1882; and a new railway link and a jetty were constructed the following year. Jobs on the inner and outer harbours began in 1898; more recent harbour improvements were commenced out in 1961. Rapid city development also followed the opening of steel and iron manufacturing plants in the early twentieth century. Refining and smelting works opened in 1909 to treat copper from Mt Morgan in Queensland. New blister copper from Mt Isa in QLD was refined there from year 1953 to 1959, and that in Mt Lyell (Tassie) since 1965.

Shell Harbour

At side of Lake Illawarra Shell Harbour on the southern , convicts burned shells to produce lime outputs that was then shipped to Sydney and other cities.

A huge port was then established there in the 1840’s, that was used for the export of products like wheat until trade weakened after the opening of the railway in 1890. Robert Towns merchandising offered land for the settlement of immigrant families in 1843 and twenty families settled there.

There was a private village of Peterborough in Shell Harbour was established in 1851, and it was then announced a municipality in 1859. It had its name was changed to Shellharbour in year 1885.

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