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Lismore is a sub-tropical city in New South Wales, Australia. It is the main population centre in the City of Lismore local government area. It is a major regional centre in the Northern Rivers region of the state. Lismore is a home of one of our biggest Bathroom warehouse. From Bathroom fitting, toilets, sinks, paints, accessories, showers and other wares. Please contact us or visit our shop.

They call Lismore the rainbow region because it reflects the place’s richness, rich multicultural setup and its residents’ natural living. Alos, they are usually referred as the center of eco-tourism, the region contains nearly half of NSW’ rainforest reserves and has some of the most wonderful scenery in the whole state.

In this place that is lush,very laid-back pocket of far northern New South Wales is a city that brags the cultural convenience of a major regional centre and all of the nice lifestyle advantages of a beautiful natural surroundings .

The town’s population is now above 44,000, Lismore is becoming the commercial and cultural hub of the Northern Rivers. It provides many of the region’s major services and its shopping, sporting facilities, hospitals and schools support residents throughout the surrounding area.

Lismore and the surrounding areas are alive with creativity, and there are, several actors, dancers, singers,artisans, buskers, filmmakers, musicians, painters, potters and performers, per capita, than anywhere else in the country.

A Lot of the region’s World-Heritage listed forests and National Parks are within easy reach from Lismore.

Lush rainforests cover the hills of the Border Ranges and Nightcap Park, while wonderful waterfalls slides into clear mountain water pools and waterstreams. There is even a small rainforest in the heart of city that is really amazing.

Nimbin is the most famous village, it is a must for tourist to the Northern Rivers. The main street in Nimbin is a work of art itself , with characters as vibrant as the shop facades.

The Rainbow Region is also an option for lifestyle Mecca, the center of the Aquarius and still center to several of its residents. It is a home for natural therapies and around the area you’ll find healers, herbalists, free therapists, and some spiritualists practicing all sorts from Kahuna massage or Thai massage to acupuncture, iridology, kinesiology and a lot more. Take an hour massage or a total relaxing wholistic healing escapade.

Lismore is also a sporting city, with advanced facilities that attract not only local events but also international events.

There, in Lismore & Nimbin, so close to the Gold Coast, it is easy to get from one place to another. Even calling a plumber from one region to another is easy, that is how close those regions are. For example to get an available plumber in Lismore is not an easy task but to ring to Gold coast plumbers and have them fixing you clog on the same day that’s easy.


Furthermore, Lismore extends to its accommodation choices, with everything from B&Bs, retreats, city-style hotels to ig vansand camping facilities.

In the center of the Northern Rivers, just a 30 minute walk from the stunning beaches of Byron Bay and Ballina, Lismore has a lot more than you ever thought.

Bathroom warehouse who delivers to Lismore has a very wide range of supplies of quality sinks, spa, baths, shower products, tiles, accessories, cabinets, toilets, etcetera. Our free delivery service across New South Wales and Northern Rivers region and other state in Australia is very fast and safe to send your purchased items.

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