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Gosford is surrounded by spectacular ocean beaches and very luscious bush land and tropical forest line along the coast. The favourable and mild climate offers comfortable stay to the residents all the time of year . If you are looking for bathroom fittings and ware. Bathroom warehouse delivers to Gosford. From Bathroom fitting, paints, accessories, showers and other wares. Please contact us or visit our shop.


A popular place called Katandra Reserves as well as Rumbalara , bragging wonderful bushland next to the heart of Gosford, are the town’s most wellvisitd major tourist spots.

The Rumbalara includes 8 differnt trails where you can walk and view an early aboriginal shelter of rock, some bronzed sculptures of historic explorers, also west ward look out views, and some wildlife in the rich rainforests.

There are striking and steep cliffs at Katandra, together with the easy-going and known Watermen trail circling the Seymour Pond where poignant view of surroundings from pleasant foresttry to a thick layer of canopy. Few minutes walk from here, you will be through the sanctuary and up to overlooking that offer wonderful panoramic views across the valleys to the sea.

The Brisbane WaterPark covers most of the landarea between Brisbane Water to the coastline. You can find different pathwalks through openland and well-established pockets of rainforest along the sandstone area. The ferns on the tall trees, like cabbage tree palms, mangroves, rockorchids, wildflowers, elkhorns, Australian local animals and bird life thrive in the park, where you will find endless fishing and photography and videography chances, bbq and recreational parks. The Aboriginal Bulgandry Engravings site is addressed within the land, with easy reach to pathways and very nice info boards. The engravings are very ncie to see at dawn or afternoon or after a rainfall.


The Old Courthouse in Gosford is one of the histaorical remains in Australia, it is the oldest recorded non-private building on The Central Coast which is now the center to the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music . It was Built in 1849 of local pure sand stone material, it was changed to the original 1828 lighthouse.

A park called Pioneer park has numerous historic grave stones, an excellent lookout of Brisbane Water, a bbq area and playground area for kids.

A cottage was primarily home to, one of Australia’s most well known poets. In Henry Kendall Street West of Gosford, they built a big sandstone home in 1839. Licensed as Red Cow Inn and is located in an area of pleasant parkland and picnic grass. The cottage is restored and a museum holding a few of Kendall’s properties. There are displays including items of Australia’s history and antiquated agricultural materials.

Brisbane City, now, the dominatn harbour area along the Western angle of Gosford, was the home of Guringai / Ku-ring-gai people. These are tenants occupying an area in northern side of Sydney to the coastline of Lake Macquarie. The Darkingung residents lived in the area west of Mangrove Creek to Rylstone, and the area called Wollombis. Ar Mountain Yengo, in Darkingung, a very significant cultural and pious site to the local tribes.

Gov. Arthur Phillip as well as a small group of national officers and army made a short exploration of Broken Bay called the “northeast arm” in the year 1788, after the settlement are establised in the cove of Sydney just 5 weeks beforehand. Arthur made another exploration in the year 1789 and this tributary came to be called as “BrisbaneWater”.

Originally, Gosford watch-house was constructed in 1827 i Donnison St. Three rooms with slab brown timber structure that adequately became useless for its purpose. In 1834 the first ever courthouse for Gosford was added. Then, the 1st Police Magistrate, Bean Willoughby was appointed in the city in 1826.

The first township was erected at East Gosford by Mr. Peek in 1830’s, with a government township first known as the Township at Point Frederick and was surveyed and created between Erina Creeks and Narara .

The Local Gov’t started in 1843 with the constitutional awareness of The District Council from Brisbane Water. This Council had a very limited budget, material and resources as well as powers, and unfortunately dissolved in year 1859.

In 1885, Gosford officially became a town and was finally proclaimed as a municipality in the yeaer 1886. Afterwards, Gosford was declared a city in 1980.

Tourism in the region is a big business. It began in the 1880’s after finishing the Sydney to Newcastle railway and a focus on leisure and health services. A very notable section of the railway system was the opening of the original Hawkesbury River Bridge . The River bridge is the last link ever in uniting the states by rail in the eastern region, and finally became a point rallying for Federation pursuit.

In 1858, The Church of England was built at East Gosford . In 1906, afterwards, Christ Church was also moved stone-by-stone to Mann St. , where it still stands today as St. Mary’s Cathedral.

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