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Coffs Harbour is coastal resort town known for its exoport-quality bananas and rich fishing ponds. Its peacefully situated on Australia’s popular holiday coastline, wherein beautiful mountains meet the blue ocean at some 570 kilometers north of Sydney city and about 350 kilometers south of Brisbane City. The small town of Coffs Harbour has a population of more than 20,000 people. The climate is very good. In fact, the average summer temperatures of 25 degree celcius and during winter the average temperature is about 19 degree celcius. Bathroom accessories and other vanity products is a growing business in the city as more houses are being built. Due to demand of the latter, the plumbing industry is growing sa well featuring the plumber Gold Coast model to follow increasing demand.

Outdoor Activities and Attractions

Since Coffs harbour subtropical rainforests is from green World Heritage-record holder to the temperate seawaters of the Solitary Islands Marine Park, there really are several of outdoor physical sort of activities such as bush-walking, scuba diving, four-wheel driving, surf rafting, whale watching, swimming, surfing, fishing, and other beach side errands.

You can explore a World of Bananas, specially at a place called ‘The BigBanana’, have a close look of the seals at the Pet Porpoise Pool, or maybe start learning about butterflies at the Butterfly Sanctuary, take a helicopter joy flight, try the challenge and thrill of go-karting or extreme skirmish. This is real fun!

Accommodation and Relaxation

Coffs harbour is also a place for the artistic individuals. Visit the local art galleries and hinterland markets, you can spot shopping, have a relaxing coffee or meal at a cosmopolitan-style café around the city, have a stroll along coastal boardwalk or a safe foreshore, then you can also play golf in the lush field, hire a new bicycle or maybe discover and trek our well-known driving trails along the mountains.

There are lots of options for Coffs Harbour holiday accommodation, including hinterland Breakfast & Bed, boutique holidays / beach houses, central apartments, beachfront resorts, cheap motels, large hostels, and safe camping grounds.

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