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Albury is a very ‘balanced’ city with a population of over 100,000 residents and a gross domestic product GDP of approximately $3.5 billion. The city is enough to provide different career challenges and cosmopolitan living, however still laid back enough to allow for several family time and lots of leisure activities. Bathroom vanities is one of the growing business in the city.

From timely, hot summers and mellow autumns to cold winters and vibrant springs, there are several ways for you to revel in our interesting lifestyle on area called Murray, one of which is the recreational center of Lake Hume, day tour to the alps of Victoria, and short walk to popular wineries or quaint townships that are very historical.

A vibrant city

Historically, Albury was once nominated to become Australia’s National Capital in the early years.

People say the engineers were interested on the city since it sits at the epicentre of the Melbourne-Sydney-Adelaide triangle, wherein seventy five percent of Australians resides.

The major attraction is the distinct tropical beauty, including the amazing Murray winding its way through alpine terrain to the east and very lively river plains to the western.

Situated in Wiradjuri Country and encompassing 332 square km, the city has a fast growing economy, world-class medical and health services, has a very rich culture and artistic scenario, advanced sports facilities to rival the capital cities, and endless choices for leisure and recreation.

The city of Albury has a cosmopolitan atmosphere that shows a distinct multi cultural heritage. It’s a big region where a large group of Indigenous and pioneering people blend with post-World War 2 migrants – Italian, Greek, Philippines, German, Dutch, and Polish – along with the recently arrived Vietnamese, Albanians, Laotians and Bosnians.


People can take a relaxing stroll through the beautiful Botanic Gardens, go on a bushwalk or a bike ride, enjoy a picnic and a swim on the banks of the Murray River at Noreuil Park or hire a canoe.

Albury City offers locals and visitors a huge range of attractions with its unique blend of cosmopolitan shopping, lively entertainment and invigorating natural attractions

Ethnic festivals, fancy carnivals, big exhibitions and other special activities caters for all interests, all year round in the city.

Being Albury as your base, everyone is just in easy reach of the snow fields at the side of Falls Creek, and Mt Buffalo, Mt. Hotham, with high country townships to discover along the way.

A few minutes drive from Albury and you’ll soon find yourself at a cellar door sipping popular whites, reds and internationally renowned Muscats as well as Tokays from known names including Brown Brothers, All Saints Estate, Morris and Campbells. This is where the wine regions of Rutherglen and Milawa are located.

Together with gourmet food, this wine, is dotted with cafes and cottage industries which produce tasty mustards, cheeses, honey, berries, fresh fish, nuts and fruit preserves.

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