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The Bathroom Warehouse services New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory; for all your requirements including a huge range of Vanities and Accessories, Toilets, Shower Enclosures, Shower Screens, Bathtubs and a whole lot more. The fastest growing national bathroom supplier welcomes the NSW towns of Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Coffs Harbor, Albury, Lismore and Gosford. Our service also now reaches into Canberra in the ACT.


Renovating your Bathroom using the Internet

The age of buying on-line has well and truly arrived and it has made the task of renovating much easier and enjoyable. Over the years, Bathroom Vanities Sydney Canberra Warehouse has continued to develop their website with the goal to have the site as user friendly as possible. Customers can make an informed decision with illustration of the products at a high standard and relevant technical details in easy to understand language.

A toilet purchase made easier..

Whether we care to admit it, the average Australian spends a large proportion of their time visiting the toilet in the home or elsewhere. It is estimated that in a lifetime, around 58,000 minutes is consumed by this task alone. Far more time spent on showering or brushing your teeth in front of the sink. Many toilet styles have evolved over the years with manufacturers now stepping up to the mark to meet the needs of the contemporary house owner. Early settlers had the outside “dunny” but as suburbs became sewered most toilets had a ceramic pan with a cistern high up on the wall to enhance water pressure.Progressively, as bathrooms in households became just as fashionable as kitchens, the demand for more stylish bathroom accesories became the challenge for manufacturers both here and overseas. First the all vitreous china suite was born, followed by the close coupled and the wall facing variety.

We are the biggest supplier of bathroom and toilet facilities in ACT and NSW with the following branches:

A more recent innovation has been the in-wall cistern where the only exposed part of the toilet is the pan and the flushing buttons. The cistern is mounted in the wall cavity which can be a stud or masonry structure and the flushing button plate acts also as a cistern access for servicing requirements. The heritage/colonial style suites fill a need when the décor calls for a traditional theme. Some have the option of chrome, brass or gold buttons and fittings coupled with a timber seat making a very attractive setting.

In all, the purchase of a toilet, bathroom sinks, or even Shower Screens can initially be quite daunting with the many options and individual special needs. However, the information supplied on the Bathroom Warehouse website goes a long way to demystify the process along with a freecall line service and experienced help at the end of the telephone. New age assistance – As more and more consumers embrace the internet and feel confident with the parting of their dollars for, in most cases, products that they have not seen in a showroom, this convenient way of shopping will continue to grow more and more as business realise its potential.

Customers who will receive the most benefit will be country folk who have never had the choice and variety of products that city people have. That is all changing now with transport companies servicing just about every town in Australia and bathroom sites like Bathroom Warehouse illustrating over 600 products. Bathroom Tap or Tapware Items. In this new electronic age the buying public will be the winners with building and renovation businesses taking their showrooms to the public through the internet.

Renovating a Bathroom

Your bathroom renovation ideas should start with a rough plan. Making a bathroom design also and that you want to change is a good place to start. List the amenities you want to add.

Your current system will supply enough hot water. Where is the hot water cylinder and airing cupboard? You have easy access to it when the bathroom vanity is finished. Is there anything you want to keep within your current bathroom, and if so, it is moveable or fixed. All of your current fittings need replacing, and some are in an acceptable condition.The other option is purchasing one of the new pieces of bathroom furniture that has been manufactured in the vintage style that makes them so popular.

A splash-back has two great functions. First, it creates a good look and it is so easy to install. Secondly, tapware splash-back performs the very valuable function of protecting the lower section of the walls from inevitable splashes of water that occur in bathroom cabinets from the bathtub or shower. A good coating ensures that the splash-back will be practically impervious to moisture. Begin collecting visuals from magazines or brochures that display the effect you would like to implement.

Then make a rough draft on graph paper. That will help you get an idea of the dimensions. Draw out your bathroom floor plan. Take exact measurements. Even if you move on to a more precise bathroom renovation design, planning these basics will give you a starting place.

Bathroom Renovation Companies Melbourne | Brisbane

It is ironic that if you want to fit a new vanity in and you live in ACT / NSW, it is cheaper to have the Bathroom Warehouse deliver it from Wollongong. In a room where people need to visually inspect their hair and faces, lighting is usually very dim and concentrated only in one spot-namely, from a ceiling fixture. At the very least, consider having added lighting around the bathroom design or mirror in the form of sconces. If your bath design includes simply replacing the fixtures and cabinetry in your existing renovation.

and staying with the same dimensions and placement your renovation design should be fairly simple. Have a look around at tapware; if you cannot afford a designer brand of a certain style that you like, there are companies that offer very similar designs for a much-reduced price.


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